Unveiling the Top 10 Features of the iPhone 15

Apple will continue to reserve its advanced display features for the iPhone 15 Pro models. That includes 120Hz display refresh, and the Dynamic Island pill-shaped hole punch sensor.

Supply chain analyst and sometime leaker Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the iPhone 15 lineup will finally transition to USB-C from Lightning. He also believes the mute button will get solid-state haptic buttons that mimic a button press.


One of the biggest upgrades Apple’s regular iPhone 15 models are expected to get this year is a better camera. The Pro mode feature aims to take perfectly leveled photos with just a tap of a button. It is also capable of capturing burst photos with the same click, and there is a counter displayed in the original shutter circle to keep track.

According to a new rumor, Apple has reportedly tapped Sony for a new sensor for the iPhone 15 Pro. This would be a state-of-the-art affair that doubles the saturation signal in each pixel, making for brighter and more colorful images.

Respected display analyst Ross Young hints that the pill-shaped Dynamic Island cutout will be brought to all the iPhone 15 models this time, though he is not expecting the base model to get a high-refresh rate like the Pro models. He also notes that the base model will not have a ProMotion display because the supply chain cannot support it.

Release Date

Apple typically unveils its iPhone range in September. Rumours have hinted that the iPhone 15 will be released on Tuesday 12 September 2023.

One of the biggest rumours is that the Dynamic Island feature that replaced the notch on the iPhone 14 Pro will be available for the standard models as well. This is according to Display Industry Insider Ross Young, who has a solid track record when it comes to Apple displays and has been the source of a number of iPhone 14-related leaks in the past.

Also reportedly, the iPhone 15 will adopt a USB-C port. This will help Apple comply with new European regulations that require it to use a single charging port across the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It’s not clear whether this will mean the removal of the Lightning connector entirely or if it will retain a specialised Lightning port for certain accessories. Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that the iPhone 15 will also incorporate a periscope lens system to allow for more optical zoom. It’s unclear if this would replace the existing telephoto lens or add a fourth lens to the lineup.

ProRAW Photo Format

ProRAW is a new feature that allows the iPhone to capture images in RAW format. This allows for much more flexibility while editing the image, but it does require more storage space on your device.

The ProRAW feature works through the camera app and is built into Apple’s advanced computational photography features, including Smart HDR, Deep Fusion, and Night Mode. This makes it a much simpler option than having to use third-party apps like Halide to get the same results.

TechRadar explains that ProRAW is essentially the halfway house between JPEG and uncompressed RAW files, meaning that you’ll get all of the benefits of the camera’s computational trickery in a file that’s easily edited by most third-party apps or even by the native Photos app on the iPhone. But because of this, the files are larger than a classic RAW photo.

A single ProRAW photo will take up about 25MB of storage, so you’ll want to have a good content backup plan in place before using this feature.


Taking control of power-hungry apps is an easy way to improve your iOS 15 device’s battery life. With the help of the ip 15 vn/a Settings app, you can track battery usage and identify the apps that are draining your iPhone’s battery. You can then take measures to minimize their background activity or delete them entirely.

Apple’s A17 Bionic chip is expected to offer major improvements in efficiency compared to its predecessor, the A12 Bionic. The new chips will use TSMC’s 3nm fabrication process, which allows the chips to operate with up to 35 percent less power.

Apple will also enable a Pro mode that lets you use certain features, including Siri and Apple Pay when the phone is nearly dead. The feature will work by using a dedicated microprocessor to detect capacitive button presses and holds on the volume up/down, action (currently ringer switch) button, and power button while the phone is in Low Power mode. This will prevent accidental pressing or holding while the phone is in sleep.