The Key Figure In The Billion-Dollar Gambling Ring And The Rikvip Scandal: Nguyen Van Duong’s Role And Legal Consequences

Nguyen Van Duong, The Second-In-Command Of A Multi-Billion Gambling Ring Connected To Leaders Of The C50 Division Of The Ministry Of Public Security, Played A Crucial Role In The Case. He Facilitated The Connection Between General Hai And Phan Sao Nam And Led The Operations Of Two Gambling Portals In Vietnam.

Duong Was Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison For Organizing And Operating Online Gambling, With A Penalty Of Nearly 1700 Billion Vietnamese Dong. However, He Has Only Managed To Recover 315 Billion Dong So Far, While Phan Sao Nam Has Nearly Completed His Penalty. Duong Still Has A Remaining Debt Of 1300 Billion Dong To Fulfill. He Has Served 6 Years Of His Sentence And Must Complete Another 3 Years Before Being Released.

Since His Arrest In 2018, Duong, Who Was 43 Years Old At The Time, Has Experienced Hardships, Making Him Appear Older Than His Current Age Of 48.

According To The Prosecution, Duong Was Initially Required To Repay 1655 Billion Dong. However, He Has Only Managed To Recover 315 Billion Dong, And There Are No Signs Of Asset Dispersion.

After Serving His 10-Year Sentence, Duong Is Still Obligated To Pay The Full Amount He Owes. After Recovering Nearly 400 Billion Dong, He Still Has To Repay More Than 1200 Billion Dong To The Authorities.

Duong’s Family Background And His Wife’s Information Are Scarce And Not Available Online. His Parents Were Not Involved In Politics But Ran A Small Business, And There Is Limited Information About His Family On Social Media.

Duong Was The Second Mastermind Of Rikvip, Receiving 40% Of The Massive Daily Profits From The Two Gambling Portals. The Money He Received Was Used To Operate CNC Company And Engage In Real Estate Transactions. However, After His Arrest, Duong Sold All His Assets To Make Restitution.

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CNC Company, Officially Known As CNC High-Tech Security Investment And Development LLC, Operates As A Payment And Credit Support Service For Users. Founded In September 2011 With A Registered Capital Of 20 Billion Dong, The Company Is Predominantly Controlled By Nguyen Van Duong, Who Holds 98.46% Of The Shares, With The Remaining Shares Owned By Luu Thi Hong. Duong Serves As The Legal Representative Of CNC.

Duong Not Only Served As The Chairman Of The Board But Also Utilized CNC As A Crucial Element In The Rikvip Case, Taking Advantage Of Its Status As A C50 Business. Although The Ministry Of Public Security Permitted The Establishment Of C50 Businesses, There Was No Unanimous Decision From The General Department 3, Ministry Of Public Security, Regarding The Recognition Of CNC As A C50 Business.

According To The Decision Made By Phan Van Vinh, The Director General Of The General Department Of Police, C50 Was Supposed To Contribute 20% Of The Shares To CNC And Have Officials Involved In Its Management. However, This Was Not Implemented. In 2016, Nguyen Van Duong Proposed The Public Release Of The Gambling Game. CNC Company Received A Payment Intermediary License From The State Bank Of Vietnam In March 2017. Subsequently, The Gambling Network Expanded To Over 9,000 Billion Dong.